Am I Beautiful? Kuchisake-onna was to be the third episode of the Gakkou no Kaidan (anime) anime. However, it was cancelled prior to airing, due to concerns by disabilities support groups, after they met with Fuji Television. Some viewers thought the facial features of Kuchisake-Onna looked like a cleft palette, a very common problem in babies of Japan. The requests to cancel began after to the preview was aired October 29 at the end of Episode 2. In the place of this episode, a hastily-prepared clip show made up from episodes 1 & 2 was presented instead on November 5. In the DVD releases, the episodes designated 4 and up were renumbered to 3 and up. The cancelled episode is sometimes referred to as "Episode 21". The first edition VHS and DVD release still included the preview of the "Am I Beautiful" episode at the end of the second episode. The voice actor of the cleft woman was Maria Kawamura.

Reference: Circumstances of "School Kaidan" Episode 3 being canceled

Episode Ghost: Kuchisake-onna

Synopsis perhaps? Edit

Momoko starts to works as a intern at the school nursery, as the nurse appears with her lips all slit and warped. Leo tells her and the gang about the legend of the Kuchisake-Onna and that many kids were attacked by her.

So, Momoko starts to being chased by a mysterious woman with a mask covering her lips, and the girl discovers that she is the Kuchisake-onna,the ghost of a woman that was brutally mutilated by her jealous husband,and want revenge.

Momoko is being totally scared for the first time, and is afraid that Kuchisake-onna slits her mouth or kill her.So,she asks help to Satsuke.She looks in the Ghost Diary and learns that the only way to make Kuchisake-onna "sleeps",is when she asks "Am i Beautiful?" you have to say "No, you're ugly, and i don't wanna be like you!". So, Momoko does that, and the ghost gets trapped in a lipstick.

Story of episode 3

Two girls that were Momoko's classmates suddenly fall ill and resign from school. According to Leo's information, a mouth-tearing woman appeared on the night before she struck the two who remained at school. Moreover, she seemed to be similar to Momoko. Momoko has been absent from school last year for an entire year because she was hospitalized.
Many mysteries and rumors start to spread rapidly in the school. Satsuki invites Momoko back to her place, but Satsuki finds out Momoko doesn't have any memories of yesterday's night. While out at night, while Satsuki is examining the cause of the rumor, the mouth split woman appears. However, Satsuki does not know how to make the ghost go into spiritual sleep.

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Transcript (Japanese) from English translation by Google translation, and edited slightly. This video consists of clips from various episodes of the show, with overlaid text of a synopsis of what seems to be the first half of the deleted episode Am I Beautiful.

Two of Momoko's classmates suddenly fell ill and took a break from school. 桃子のクラスメートの女 の子2人が、急に体調を崩して学校を休んだ。

The story spread throughout school, and Hajime heard it. その話は学校中に広まり、青山ハジメもそれを耳にする。

According to Leo's information, a woman with a cleft palate appeared the night before, and the two remaining at school were attacked on the way home. レオの情報によると前日の夜に口裂け女が現れ、学校に残っていた2人を帰り道に襲われたらしい…。

One of them rushed to the staff room for help, but when asked what happened by Dr. Matsushima in the staff room, the student was just scared... その内の一人が助けを求めて職員室に駆け込んできたが、職員室にいた松嶋先生が何があったのかを尋ねても、その生徒はただおびえているだけだったらしい…。

Moreover, the woman who rips seems to look exactly like Momoko.しかもその口裂け女は、桃子にそっくりだったらしい。

Momoko was hospitalized at St. Rosério Hospital in Tokyo for the past year, and was absent from school for a long time. 桃子は昨年1年間、東京の聖ロゼリオ病院に入院していてずっと学校を休んでいたこともあって謎が多く、あっという間に学校中にウワサが広まってしまう。

Satsuki invited Momoko to her house to dispel Momoko's suspicion, but Tenjin found out that Momoko had no memory of the previous night. さつきは桃子の疑いを晴らそうと桃子を家に招待するが、天邪鬼は桃子に昨日の夜の記憶がないことを突き止める。

Suspicion that Momoko is a cleft woman is even deeper, and she will be harassed by her classmates. 桃子が口裂け女ではないかと疑いはさらに深まり、クラスメートからいやがらせを受けるまでになってしまう。

I decided to investigate the cause of rumor... ウワサの原因を調べることにしたのだが…。

The teachers did not believe in ghosts.先生たちはお化けに存在を信じようとはしなかった。

Satsuki and others decided to investigate on their own. さつきたちは、自分たちだけで調べることになった。

Satsuki looked at the ghost diary about a woman with a rip, but by the time Keiko was attending Milky Way Elementary School, there seemed to be no rumors about the woman with a mouth in Milky Way, so she didn't know how to put her to sleep. さつきは、オバケ日記で口裂け女について調べたが、佳耶子が天の川小学校に通っていた頃には天の川町には口裂け女のウワサはなかったようで口裂け女の霊眠方法は分からなかった。

Leo and others were looking into the haunting rumours about the cleft woman. レオたちはお化けチャットで口裂け女について調べていた。

According to the witness information written, the woman's physical ability was very high. She was fast enough to run 100 meters in 3 to 6 seconds. There were tales that it overtook a white motorcycle. Her age was young in the early 20s wearing a mask. Incidents seem to be involving a pretty girl as target,who is wearing red clothes wear red clothes with no noticeable blood, and the weapons are often scythes. 書き込まれていた目撃情報によると、口裂け女の身体能力は非常に高く、100メートルを3〜6秒で走るほど速く、白バイを追い抜いたという噂もあり、年齢は20代前半と若く、マスクをした状態だと美人に見えて血の目立たない真っ赤な服を着て、凶器は鎌の場合が多いらしい。

What to do if you encounter 遭遇した場合の対処方法は、

・Because candy is a favorite of women, escape to the place where a woman is absorbed in licking. べっこう飴は女の好物なので、女が夢中でなめている隙に逃げる。

・If you repeat "hairspray" three times in a row, the woman will get nervous. 「ポマード」と3回続けて唱えると女がひるむので、その隙に逃げる。

・Write "hairspray" on your hand and show it to the cleft woman.手に「ポマード」と書いて口裂け女に見せる。

・Throw and sprinkle the hairspray to disperse. ポマードを投げつけたり、振り掛けたりして退散させる。

There seems to be... 、などがあるらしい…。

According to the newspaper photographer father of Leo, the rumor of a torn woman began to spread in 1979, when an old farm woman stood in an outhouse away from the main building in Y town in Gifu prefecture, and was torn. He witnessed a woman. 新聞カメラマンである柿ノ木レオの父によれば、口裂け女のウワサが広まったのは1979年からで、岐阜県のY町で、農家の老婆が母屋から離れたトイレに立った際、口裂け女を目撃したのだという。

I could not find a way to completely put the woman to sleep, and I don't know why the girls she witnessed were just like Momoko, or why Momoko doesn't remember the night she appeared It was just ... 口裂け女を完全に霊眠させる方法は見つからず、生徒たちが目撃した口裂け女がなぜ桃子にそっくりだったのか、口裂け女が現れた夜の桃子の記憶がなぜなかったのかは分からないままであった…。

Suddenly, a cleft woman appears before Satsuki and others. そして、ついに口裂け女がさつきたちの前に現れる。

Although Leo succeeded in arresting the cleft woman in the way she wrote the haunted chat, she was chasing again, and Satsuki decided to escape to the old school building at Hajime's suggestion. レオがお化けチャットの書き込みにあった方法で口裂け女の足止めに成功したものの、再び追いかけてきたため、さつきたちはハジメの提案で旧校舎に逃げ込むことになった。

Satsuki fled further upstairs as the cleft woman approached. 口裂け女が近づくまで迫ってきたため、さつきたちは、さらに2階に逃げることになった。

According to the evil spirits [Amanojaku?], the cleft woman is not a ghost that appears in a specific place. It is a ghost that appears in one city and appears in another city, and so travels around. A way to make it sleep completely does not exist ...天の邪鬼によれば、口裂け女は特定の場所に現れるお化けではなく、ある街に現れては、また別の街に現れる、そうやって各地を移動するお化けであって、完全に霊眠させる方法は存在しないという…。

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Episódio 21 - Gakkou no Kaidan

Episódio 21 - Gakkou no Kaidan

This is next-episode preview that was shown at the end of episode 2, and features 15 seconds of the episode.

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  • This is the only episode where Momoko's classroom is shown.

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Title card for Am I Beautiful?

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