• TheMagicalWonders

    Hello to all that will stumble across this blog post!

    I am writing this blog post because I want to adopt the Gakkou no Kaidan Wiki and gain an administrative, not bureaucratic, position. This Wiki would benefit from having an active administrator: the only administrator that I could find made their last edit in 2014/2015. Although I was absent from this Wiki during the majority of 2019, if I become an administrator I will regularly check in to make sure the Wiki's content is up-to-par.

    From the time of the writing of this post (Feb. 5th 2020), I will allow a one to two week window if any other user has any concerns regarding my future application. If there are no major concerns by the end of this period, I will submit my adoption request wi…

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  • AkiraFudo6669

    Hi, my name is Ivan and I have been a fan of Gakkou no Kaidan since I was 12. I have not only seen the Anime but watched all of the movies, even the TV movies, the SKE48 TV series, read most of the Gakkou no Kiadan manga that exist and probably know more about the series then most people. 

    This wiki looks dead to me but I really just started editing and adding more information and pages. Are there any admins who are still active to make me an admin? Since I know so much about the series I want to really polish up the Wiki.

    Please someone make me admin I really want to see this Wiki alive and active.

    Thank you^^

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  • Aidan Hikaru

    Need Help!

    February 28, 2012 by Aidan Hikaru

    Hi! Everyone! Sometimes this wiki need an approach!

    The other user is not active again for a long time....

    Even the founder Satsuke97 is not active again...

    I'm trying to be an administrator in this wiki and leave a message on His/Her Talk Page but there no reply until now yet ...

    It's impossible for me to be the only one user that was active...

    So, if you are the Wikia Contributor, feel free to help this Wiki with join in!

    And if you don't Know Gakkou no Kaidan is....

    Gakkou no Kaidan is an Anime that was tell something about a ghost, monster, supranatural, Magic etc. maybe the ghosts aren't too scary if we look, But, a some scary things that make me like this Anime is the curses, The soundtrack, and the more challenging scene that was scary the…

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