Kuchisake-Onna (口裂け女 literally Mouth-Slitted Woman) is a recurring ghost of the Gakkou no Kaidan series, appearing in the 1995 movie , and in the Gakkou no Kaidan SP anime shorts.


Kuchisake-onna in the movie

According to one of many versions of the legend, during the Edo period of Japan there once lived a beautiful woman who was somewhat vain and self centered. She would walk down the streets of her town and ask those who saw her: "Am I beautiful?". She was married to a jealous husband who didnt like the attention she was soliciting. One day he found out she was cheating on him so he took a blade and slit her mouth from ear to ear in a horrible smile.

"Who will think youre beautiful now?" He said.

The woman died and returned as a Yurei bent on either killing or slitting the mouthes of others, her victims usually being young school children.

In the spring and summer of 1979. A country wide panic broke out. Students were walked home in groups by their teachers and policemen worked longer hours due to sightings of this ghost.

She would appear waring a beige or sometimes red trench coat and wear a surgical mask which is not uncommon in Japan as people who wear such masks do it to prevent the spread of germs. She would corner her victims in a dark ally or street corner and ask:"Am I beautiful?".

If the person replies: "No." she will take out a long pair of scissors and kill the person.

If the person says:"Yes." Kuchisake-onna will take off her mask and reveal her disfigured mouth.

She will then ask:"Am I beautiful now?"

If the person says:"No." this time she will kill them, however if the person replies with "Yes." for a second time, Kuchisake-onna will take out her scissors and slit the persons mouth from ear to ear to look just like her.

In Gakkou no Kaidan Edit


From preview for Episode 3

She was originally going to was to be the ghost of the third episode of the Ghost Stories anime, but the episode was cancelled just days before it was scheduled to air, when many people complained to Fuji TV because they thought the facial feature looked like a cleft palette. A support group for people with such a disability met with management at Fuji TV.  The episode was replaced for that airing with a hastily-prepared clip show. Only the preview remains.[1]

SP Hosts Slit-mouthed woman, Ben

Mouth-scarred woman & Ben, hosting SP

Kuchisake-onna makes a short appearance in the 1995 first Gakkou no Kaidan movie. When two of the protagonists get chased by the ghost Janitor then run and fall into the nurses office. A beautiful woman is sitting on a chair and it feel like a dream like setting. The woman asks:"Am I pretty?" and then takes off her mask revealing her slit mouth.

Kuchisake-onna appears in the Gakkou no Kaidan SP anime as one of the ghost hosts. Here, she always wears the medical mask.

Her Slit Mouth Edit

It is unknown what Kuchisake-onnas mouth was to look like in Ghost Stories, viewers only get a pink flash of it in the 15 second promo. She did appear in the ending credits but due to the low quality its hard to tell what her mouth really looks like. It appears that she might have fangs or crooked or sharp teeth and that her mouth extends all the was from her lips to her ears. In the 1995 movie however her slit mouth resembles that more of the mouth of Kuchisake-onna depicted in the 2012 movie Kuchisake-onna Returns where her mouth and lips are fully torn off and she has extra rows of sharp and crooked teeth. 

Ghostschool3 19686

Cover of manga Volume 3 (Indonesian edition)


In the movie.

Df abab941220

In the anime.

Trivia Edit

  • Kuchisake-onna like many other ghosts in Gakkou no Kaidan were based on Japanese folklore and urban legends. Kuchisake-onna was popularized as an urban legend in the late 70s.
  • Kuchisake onna was so popular in Japan she spawned a whole movie series and made cameos in other movies. Another popular movie based on her is Carved.
  • In 2007 a man found a newspaper article dating back to the late 70s about a woman who was chasing some kids, she was hit by a truck and when her body was examined her mouth was torn from ear to ear. This story may be just a publicity stunt to promote the 2007 movie at the time.

References Edit

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