Episode 16: The Public Housing Block That Consumes People!! Nest of Evil Spirits is the sixteenth episode of the Ghost Stories anime.

Episode Ghost: Soma

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The gang investigate an abandonned apartment building which is causing injuries amongst the construction crew trying to demolish it.  They find it haunted by a forest spirit in the form of a tree.

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16 Satsuki sees the woman falling

Satsuki sees the woman fall

A construction crew is preparing to tear down an old apartment building, but they are worried.  Previous attempts have resulted in disaster. Sure enough, debris falls from the building at them.

Satsuki’s dad Reiichirou is working with the crew, and ends up in the hospital along with several of the workers. The kids decide that with their exorcism experience they can handle this challenge. They can’t talk their way past the watchman, so they come back at night and sneak in.

When they get there, they see a woman atop the apartment building preparing to jump. Rushing inside, accost an old man in his apartment, trying to enlist his help to reach the woman on the roof.  He tells them off appropriately.  Just then, Satsuki sees the woman fall past the balcony, yet there is no body below.

16 The ghost watchman gets friendly with Satsuki

The watchman explains everything

Amanojaku their ghost cat shows up to explain things. They have stumbled into a spirit world; a place between life and death. They flee down the stairs, yet the door always opens to the same high balcony. Then they notice that Leo has fallen behind. They race back, and come upon Leo; but it’s not Leo, just a mannequin in Leo’s clothes, yet alive and with mannequin friends who approach the kids threateningly. The mannequins surround them, and carry off Keiichirou and Hajime.

The girls are alone with the cat. They hear footsteps. It’s the watchman who chased them off! He tells them something cryptic about the building’s construction cutting off the roots of the woodland spirit. He says that it’s his fault for building the apartment, and so he is going to prevent any additional victims. This speech does not promote confidence at all. Momoko is on top of things, and asks for the name of the spirit. “Souma”, he tells them. It’s time to look it up in the ghost diary.

"August 10. Souma appeared at Bridgit’s house. Apparently, this is a rare Feng Shui ghost, and the earth has varicose veins, like Bridgit. Gross! In order to make Soma go to spiritual sleep, you need to make a doll into a spirit receptacle, and then chant a spell in the middle of the earth's varicose vein. But unless you patch up the disturbance, a new Souma will take its place."

Satsuki chants the spell

The girls go looking for a doll. Amanojaku heads off on his own. Satsuki finds a doll, but Momoko has been taken away like Hajime and Keiichirou. The elevator opens invitingly for Satsuki. She takes the ride, and exiting on the top floor, comes upon a green glowing tree. Her friends are there, but possessed by the evil spirit. They shamble towards the edge of the roof. Hands reach out from the floor, grabbing at Satsuki. Suddenly, Amanojaku is back, slashing at the tree, which gets Satsuki free. He urges her to hurry up, but she has lost the doll. Just then the watchman arrives again, and tells Satsuki to chant the spell to put Souma to spiritual sleep, which she does. The watchman has become the spirit receptacle. The tree dissolves into fireflies that settle on him.

Some time later, as the kids watch from the roof of the school, the demolition is carried out. The haunted apartment building is destroyed.

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