Episode 1: Tonight, the Spirits Will Be Resurrected!! Amanojaku is the first episode of the Ghost Stories anime. The alternate English dubbed title for this episode is The Awakening.

Episode Ghost: Amanojaku

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Moving to a new town is tough on kids. Nothing is familiar, and with no friends, it can be scary. In Satsuki's case, that last part isn't helped any when she, her little brother, and three kids from school end up in the old schoolhouse, which just so happens to be haunted by ghosts.

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Opening: A janitor is attacked by an evil force; he screams but nobody can hear him.


Hajime, the boy next door

Satsuki and her brother Keiichirou move to the house where her dead mother grew up, along with their father and cat Kaya. While exploring their new house, Satsuki and Keiichirou meet Hajime, who is spying from next door. The two of them argue with each other before Reiichirou asks the kids to help him with moving.

The next day, on the way to school, Kaya jumps out from the backpack and enters the old school house. Satsuki and Keiichirou follow him in. They are then surprised by Hajime and his friend Leo, who came to warn Satsuki and Keiichirou about avoiding the old school house because it is haunted. While joking about ghosts, they all meet Momoko, who is looking for her hat. They find her hat on the statue of Kinjiro Ninomiya, which was outside earlier. The children are scared away when the statue introduces itself to them. They then meet Jimenken, the human-faced dog, who also hangs out in the old school house. Momoko then introduces the new kids to Hanako, one of the well known friendly ghosts of the old school house. They also encounter Kyonosuke and Teke Teke.


Amanojaku is no longer in ghost form

Next, they meet Amanojaku, who chases them around the school house. Kaya knocks over a picture frame, which causes Satsuki find a book. It says that in order to banish the demon to the old camphor tree behind the school, they need to draw a circle and chant, "Jaku, Jaku, go to sleep!" They do so, and the ghost disappears. After looking at the cover of the book, Satsuki discovers that it is actually her mother's old diary.

The children return to the new school building when they hear the bell ring. Unfortunately, they have missed their entire first day of school. Additionally, they find that Amanojaku has become locked inside the body of Kaya, since the old camphor tree Amanojaku was supposed to return to was chopped down. The children decide to keep an eye on Kaya for the timebeing.

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